At Whitehead Tax & Financial Services, LLC we provide the following services:


  • Current/Prior Year Tax Return Preparation
    • Individual 
    • Small Business (all entities)
    • Amended Returns


  • IRS Notices
    • CP2000 (Notice of Proposed Adjustment) - most taxpayers will receive this notice if they underreported income
    • CP12 (Overpayment Adjustment) - IRS corrects one or more mistakes on your tax return that either increases or decreases the original refund amount
    • Letter 12C (Information Request) - additional information is needed by the IRS to process your tax return


  • Offer In Compromise (OIC) - a method used to settle IRS tax debts exceeding $10,000


  • IRS Installment Agreements - a method used when an OIC is not the best fit for paying off your tax debt


  • Paycheck "Check-Up" Evaluation - analysis of your paystub to determine if the correct amount of Federal taxes is being withheld


  • Small Business Strategy Session - 1hr session where we will go into depth about some great tax planning strategies.  Also this can be used to discuss how to start your business


  • W4 Filing Guidance - assistance with completing the W4 for your employer.  Filling out this form is a very important step because if not filled out correctly you could end up owing IRS a lot of money and/or "cheating" yourself throughout the year by giving the IRS too much money!


  • Credit Repair Services - learn how to get your credit back in shape

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