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                                                                                              The New Normal...or is it???


You are sitting in a crowded makeshift office waiting to get your taxes prepared.  As your wait exceeds an hour your frustration level is climbing through the roof!  Not only do you overhear personal and sensitive information shared between the tax professional and customer, but a myriad of other custome5r complaints:  "Why have the fees increased", "Why can't I work with the same tax professional as I did last year?", or "Why do I continue this same exercise - every  year?".


                                                                            Sound Familiar???


At Whitehead Tax & Financial Services, LLC we will eliminate those painful experiences.  We guarantee a convenient and client-centered service where you - the taxpayer - decide if you want to upload your documents using your own secure portal or if you want to have a personalized experience by having us come to YOU!! You will always have the same tax professional every year so that we can get to know your tax and/or financial situation and we do ALL of this at an AFFORDABLE rate with no hidden fees.  


Try us and you won't regret it!!!

Raising the standards in the tax preparation industry!!!




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